Gaming Sultan

Gaming Sultan is the brainchild of avid gamer David Pereira. David’s first love has always been gaming. From arcade games to PC and video games, there is not a single game or console that David has not tried out yet.

David wanted to create an open space where fellow gamers could gather information on the latest developments in the gaming industry. It’s not only geared towards gamers but those working in the gaming industry.

Gaming Sultan has grown considerably, which gave rise to the need of other industry experts to join David. Currently, the team at Gaming Sultan consists of professional gamers, gaming developers and writers. Each team member brings their knowledge and experience to the table, making Gaming Sultan one of the best resources for gaming news.

When you join our online community, you can expect:


We’ll keep you updated with all the latest news in the world of gaming. Want to know when a specific game will be launched? Trust Gaming Sultan to keep you in the loop and updated with all the latest and hottest in gaming news.


Want to know what to expect from an update to your favorite game or a new release? We’ll publish unbiased and transparent reviews of every game out there. Whether it’s a new release or a golden oldie, find all the gaming reviews right here.


Everyone has their favorites, but we find it important to be updated on every brand and platform. From the old heavy hardware to the latest technology, Gaming Sultan will cover all games and generations.


Not sure how to get to the next level on the game you are currently playing? Need some guidance on how to start gaming competitively? Look no further than Gaming Sultan. Our team of gaming experts will provide handy tips and advice on all your gaming queries.


Trust the team at Gaming Sultan to provide some of the best and most trusted gaming resources out there. From gaming platforms to top-rated sites to go find high-quality free games, we’ll provide you with need-to-know info on all the greatest resources.

Whatever your gaming level and interest, Gaming Sultan has something to offer for everyone who loves gaming. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the site or want to provide some feedback. We love hearing from our loyal readers.