Ace Combat 7 Review: Skies Unknown

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown Review

The Flying Game

Ace Combat is an ongoing game that was firstly released in 1995 to 2014. Yes! You may not remember but the series started way back in ’95 on PS1. And no, they didn’t do one sequel, they did 16! And with Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, reaches the number 17.

Although we’re not big fans of sky-fighting arcade games, we had to give a shot on this one because the messages we’re popping all around the internet saying that this is actually a great game.

Embrace yourself, because you’ll be constantly under missile lock on, and yes, under pressure all the time!


You’ll play has a pilot with the codenamed Trigger. The story starts a little slow in the begging but it picks up fast during the gameplay.

You will dismantle enemy bases, destroy drones and be involved in intense dogfights.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unkown has about 20 missions that will take around an hour each and 3 VR missions running for 20 minutes each. With all the maths done, this means that you’ll have around 25 hours of gameplay before striking the multiplayer mode.

The controls are accessible at any level of player, having the easiest or the advanced options available, being required on this last one, some extra knowledge.

You’ll have interesting enemy approaches that will challenge your strategic flexibility and tactics. It’s all about being smart, and once you finish a mission, it’s an awesome feeling. With this said, we guarantee that this game is challenging and intense and you’ll have to have time to figure out how to solve each mission and combat structures.

The storytelling isn’ that good for us. Melodramatic, with voice over… and kind of disconnected from the game. But well, there’s a lot of storytelling and if you are an Ace Combat series fan, you’ll probably like it.

Graphics and Soundworks

Five years since the last ace game and the standards got clearly higher. Thanks to the detailed weather conditions, the look-and-feel is on point.

Graphics are really good and the VR component is insane but unfortunately, you’ll not have too much time to enjoying it, it could be way better developed.

Anyway, the soundtrack it’s excellent. Soaring, heroic, and well located when fighting times arrives .

Multiplayer Mode

Overall is a great looking arcade flight game that can be an enjoyable ride and a lot of fun!

Ps: Don’t forget to buy your joystick! The controllers works just fine but, a joystick will always be a joystick.

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