Fortnite Season 8: What’s New?

Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Season 8 is coming out today, the 28th of February 2019. Epic Games’ viral Battle Royale Shooter has conquered millions of players all around the globe since 2017. Now, it reaches the end of its 7th season.

Firstly, the mysterious cracks all around the map. Then, the rhyming teasers on Fortnite’s Twitter and the images that induced a pirate theme. These are only a few of the clues we had for speculating theories. Finally, the time for speculating has ended. Read through to get to know all the news we’ve collected for you!

What’s New?

A volcano, pirates, new weapons and modes and awesome map changes. Creative gets a new theme, the Jungle Temple, and Save the World gets a new Hero Loadout overhaul. Season 8 certainly has us in for a treat!

Fortnite Season 8 Cinematic Trailer uploaded by Fortnite Official

The Pirates arrive!

This is the season of a huge volcano, of Prisoner, who escaped from the Ice King’s Castle, of Pirates and their ships and of Ninjas. As we see in the trailer, these four fight over the treasures that appear in the map. New areas and hidden secrets are waiting to be discovered by players.

Gameplay: Burning Lava and Volcanic Vents

Volcanic features are all over Season 8’s map. The new volcano adds lava to the gameplay. This feature makes those who touch it bounce off while dealing 1 damage (for each contact!). Along the volcano theme, volcanic vents were also added: you can use them to get boosted to the sky with the hot air! This also works for vehicles.

Fortnite Season 8 What's New Volcano-min
Source: Epic Games

Another significant addition to the gameplay is the Party Assist. Players can now choose a challenge before a match, enable Party Assist and complete it with friends. Your party members’ progress is added to the challenge’s completion. This does not, however, include large team modes or party members added by matchmaking.

Also, from Season 8 onward daily quests will start being automatically claimed once completed.

New Locations

Season 7 was a bit chilly, wasn’t it? Season 8 makes up for it with some hotter spots. With the arrival of the Volcano, two new locations appeared: Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon. Sunny Steps is right next to the volcano, with dangerous lava spreading through the steps. On the other hand, Lazy Lagoon is more of a jungle site with a lagoon. Thus, we think the treasure chest scene in the trailer takes place there.

New Items and Weaponry

The star of this season is the Pirate Cannon. With the cartoonish touch Fortnite got us used to, you can fire canon balls or launch yourself out of the pirate canon! The canon fires at great distance and takes players and canon balls across several objects before the big final explosion. A direct hit deals 100 damage to enemies, 50 damage to enemies in a small radius, and it knocks back all nearby players. You can find the pirate canon throughout the map.

Fortnite Season 8 What's New Pirate Canon
Source: Epic Games

Several other items, however, were vaulted. It is the case for Sneaky Snowman, Chiller Grenade, X-4 Stormwing, Shopping Cart and All Terrain Kart.

New Modes

There are two new Battle Royale limited time modes: 50V50 and Close Encounters.

50V50 is a fight between two teams of 50 players. Teams are transported on a bus from opposite sides of the map, which is divided into each team’s territory. Chests and Ammo Crates spawn more often, farming materials increased 25% and you can carry extra ammo.

Close Encounters is a close quarters combat mode. You start with a Jetpack and can only use Shotguns. Towards the end of the game, the Storm moves considerably faster!

Audio Improvements

Fortnite Season 8’s update also brings several improvements in audio. Among the affected sounds are gunfire, reverb sounds, hit notifications and footsteps (above and below and improved timing).

The Season 8 Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass for this season brings us 100 new levels and over 100 new rewards. You can get it for free if you completed the 13 Overcome Challenges during the Share the Love event. These players can alternatively upgrade to a Battle Bundle at a discount. Otherwise, the Battle Pass is for sale for the usual 950 V-bucks. When unlocking the Battle Pass, players instantly get the Blackheart and the Hybrid progressive outfits.

Season 8 Battle Pass Overview uploaded by Fortnite Official

We summed up those we think to be the most relevant news. However, if you’d like a detailed report with information about all the bug fixes and more, check Epic Games’ V8.00 Patch Notes.

Excited for Fortnite Season 8? Playing it already? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on it. Gaming Sultan would love to hear from you!

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