Fortnite World Championship: A Chance to Earn $1 Million?

Fortnite World Championship: A Chance to Earn $1 Million?

If you have spent the last few months tuning your skills in Fortnite know that it is time to show what you know! Fortnite World Championship Creative Competitions start on April 13th and promise to be a grand event!

About Fortnite

Epic Games developed an online multiplayer game originally created in 2011, is free battle royale and can be played on PC, consoles and mobile devices. Its success has earned the company over $1 billion in revenue with different game modes. Currently, Fortnite has 200 million active players around the world. Quite a high number for one game alone!

Game Modes

The game Fortnite: “Save the World” is a player-versus-environment game with four players playing together to reach a common goal in various missions. The game takes place after a fluid storm that appears all over the Earth. It causes 98% of the population to disappear and the survivors to be attacked by zombies. Players take on the role of base shelter commanders, collecting resources, saving survivors and defending equipment that helps collect data on the storm or push it behind.

Fortnite: “Battle Royale” is a battle royale game. It’s a mode for up to 100 players where they can play alone or in groups of two to four friends. Players leave a “battle bus” that crosses the game map without any weapons. They searched for weapons, items and resources upon landing, attacking other players and avoiding being killed. Throughout around, the safe area of ​​the map decreases in size due to an upcoming storm; players outside that area are dealt damage and may be killed. This forces “live” players to move to a tighter space and encourages player encounters. The last player or team left alive is the winner.

Fortnite World Cup Creative Competitions

How does it work?

Qualification: The Contest is open to anyone who is at least 13 years of age (or other age greater than may be required in the competitor’s country of residence) (“Contestant”) who is a valid Fortnite License under the License Agreement Fortnite End User. Qualified minors must have permission from the parent or legal representative to participate in the Contest

Each player receives points according to the performance in the 10 matches. That take place in this phase, on Saturdays in a predetermined period of three hours. A Victory Royale will earn 10 points while winning from 2nd to 5th places gives 7 points. In addition, each player that eliminates gives the player 1 point, thus ensuring greater dynamics.

Selection of Winners and Potential Finalist Notification: All Submissions will be verified to ensure compliance with the Submission Criteria and the general rules and practices of the Sponsor prior to any judgment (“Qualified Submissions”).

Prizes: If qualified under these Official Rules, prizes will be awarded to the 15 (fifteen) Finalists: US $ 5,000.00 Guaranteed Place in the Creative Competitions Final

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