Insurgency: Sandstorm Review

Insurgency: Sandstorm is New World Interactive’s most recent shooter. This tactical multiplayer shooter has been around since December 12th, rising mixed feeling among its players. While some consider it one of the best FPS out there, others find it too under-optimized for the release. At Gaming Sultan, we got curious and gave it a try. Read through to find out our thoughts on it.

New World Interactive’s Best Game

New World is the creator of Insurgency and Day of Infamy. Sandstorm is a follow up to the original Insurgency, released in 2014.
New World switched to Unreal Engine and the results are quite outstanding. They invested a lot in the realism of weaponry, graphics and sound, and totally nailed an immersive experience. Besides being considered their best-accomplished title, some say Sandstorm may be the best FPS out there at the moment.

Watch the official trailer below and buckle up for our review.

Insurgency: Sandstorm’s Launch Trailer

The Immersive Gameplay

The game has three different modes: Versus AI, PVP and Competitive. You play either as an Insurgent or as a member of Security. Whatever you choose, both factions have an astonishing weaponry stock. Sandstorm is incredibly intense. Every movement and every corner are detailed in such perfection, the breath-taking becomes real.

Sandstorm stands out in the universe of military simulation shooters because it avoids many of the mistakes games of this sort often deliver. It is visceral and heavy without being gratuitous.

Another pleasant aspect is the fact that there are no transactions in Sandstorm. The new content is released for free. You also don’t need progress to unlock all the weapons in the game: they are already available! Progress works only for aesthetic purposes. Class choice and loadout points limit the weapons you can use. Something we found particularly interesting is the weapon modification and point distribution. Investing some time in searching for the best customized experience is totally worth it.

Insurgency Sandstorm review

Tactic is key. Being a tactical FPS makes this game quite different than COD or Battlefield. It takes a while to get used to the slower pace and strategy based play, but it’s worth it.
The mechanics are truly well developed, the gameplay is intense and the design does a great job portraying all the effort the developers put in. The controls work quite well and they are player-friendly. A particularly interesting new feature is the fact that you can slightly move your gun without moving your body. Makes sense in real life, right?

The Gun Lover’s Paradise

We need to be honest on this topic. We are not the biggest gun experts out there, but Insurgency sure levels up the quality of gunplay. Every gun we’ve tried feels amazingly real. The developers knew what they were making and did their best to invest every ounce of their deep knowledge in these weapons.

Each weapon has different handling. From the clear-cut recoil to the hyper-realistic sounds and the perfectionist details, this is the real gun experience. The realistic shotgun range has been very debated in the community and we couldn’t agree more with it. The wider range feels quite right, and it’s pleasing to not feel limited by the use of a shotgun.

Weapons Showcase by Gun loading on Youtube

Brilliant Sound Design

The outstanding sound design plays a grand part in making the experience so immersive. It actually becomes too real at times. The sound of your character breathing fast in anxiety while recharging the riffle, the dying screams of your enemies, and even the sound of the surrounding materials make the whole experience amazingly sensorial.

Is Insurgency: Sandstorm under-optimized?

A few things disappointed us in this military shooter. Firstly, the maps could be better. While definitely not the worse FPS maps, most of them lack investment. The maps favour camping in zones with glitches and near the objectives, which could only result in random cheap kills. There are many restricted areas around these objectives, which can be both useful and frustrating as you try to advance.

Adittionally, the game failed to deliver a fully optimized final version. The game was supposed to release in September 2018, got pushed to December and still had a lot of glitches and invisible objects to correct. Given that New World is a rather small company, we think this is more understandable than if they were a big-budget giant company. However, more than two months have passed since the debut, and there are still many bugs around.

Insurgency: Sandstorm was released on December 2018 for PC, but the plan is for the tactical FPS to reach the consoles in 2019.

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