January 2019 Gaming News

january 2019 gaming news

2018 was a great year for the gaming community, and 2019 promises to not fall short. Read through to find out some of the most exciting and latest gaming news.

Epic Games is going strong on investment

One of the latest gaming news is Epic Games’ investment on tools and resources. The creators of Fortnite have recently sealed three business pieces that promise to be rewarding.

January 2019 Latest Gaming News

1. They acquired 3Lateral, a startup that develops tools to facilitate the crafting of digital humans. This amounts to a serious resource for games, animation, and applications that will benefit from the deal.

2. Epic Games also acquired Agog Labs, a scripting tool maker that will upgrade Epic’s tool level. The goal is also to offer developers a strong community-supported plugin for Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 platform.

3. A collaboration with Appodeal has also been announced. Appodeal is a mobile ad monetization firm, with whom Epic will create the conditions for mobile game developers to monetize Unreal Engine games.

Saying Goodbye: latest big releases for PS4 and XBO

The approaching retirement of PS4 and XBO has made it so that the past year was filled with amazing titles for both platforms. We are now entering a stage in which we will testify the last great releases for these two consoles at the end of their life cycles.

Some of the most highly expected console title releases for 2019 are Anthem, Devil May Cry 5, Far Cry: New Dawn, Kingdom Hearts III, and Resident Evil 2 (already out).

January 2019 latest gaming news

The two consoles have been around since 2013, and even though they gave us great joy, the moment has come to say goodbye and start thinking about greeting the new generation.

January 2019 Latest Gaming News
Photo by Hardik Sharma on Unsplash

Xbox Scarlett

Xbox One’s successor, code name Xbox Scarlett, is announced for release in 2020. They are expected to deliver not one but three new consoles: Anaconda, Lockhart, and Maverick. These are tantamount to XBO X, XBO S, and a disk-free console, respectively. Microsoft promises consoles that will have a streaming-centric focus and Maverick will allow for players to have their games stored in a server, much like Steam or Netflix.

PlayStation 5

We still know very little about Sony’s next-generation console, the supposed PlayStation 5. Also scheduled for 2020, we expect that the new console will be powerful enough to smoothly handle 4k at 60FPS throughout every game. The PS5 should have native support for virtual reality and cloud gaming and it will probably count with a movement detection camera.

Excited to know what more 2019 will bring? Make sure to check our article about The 6 Most Awaited Game Releases of 2019. Stay updated on the latest gaming news with Gaming Sultan!

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