Stadia: Google’s Gaming Platform

google's gaming platform

By the end of last month, Google hosted an event during the Game Developers Conference 2019 (GDC) in San Francisco to announce it’s new streaming service for games. Google’s gaming platform is called Stadia and it promises to deliver advanced hardware games through any device. Keep reading to learn everything we know about Stadia so far!

From Project Stream to Stadia

Remember Project Stream? Started in 2018, it was Google’s first experiment at creating a streaming platform for games. It allowed for gamers to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in HD 1080p and with 60 fps. For this, required a minimum of 25MB internet.

Project Stream was their first test, and it brought Google to develop Stadia. The official Google Gaming Platform, Stadia could bring cloud gaming to a whole other level.

What do we know about Stadia?

Google’s goal for this service is to achieve the maximum quality at the least possible lag.

With Google’s Gaming Platform you will be able to play instantly on any screen and anywhere. Stadia will make it possible to play on 4K, with 60 fps HDR and sound surround. You will be able to play where you want and in whichever screen you’d like. Your smartphone, your notebook or your television – all you need is a good internet connection.

Google Stadia Gaming Platform

On Stadia you will just need to click on a youtube video or link and you can play your game instantly, with no download, no update, no patch and no install, Google states.

Players will be able to access their titles through Chrome on their computer, through Chromecast on their TV and also on smartphones and tablets. The games are stored in Google’s servers and can be accessed with a stable internet connection.

Watch the official announcement video uploaded by Stadia below for a bigger glimpse of the future of gaming they promise to bring:

Official Stadia Announcement video by Stadia

You can also watch the video of the full announcement at GDC 2019 here.

Our vision for Stadia is simple: one place for all the ways we play; where the worlds of watching and playing games converge into a new generation game platform built for the 21st century. To connect game developers with players and YouTube creators in a way that only Google can.

Google’s Announcement of Stadia at GDC San Francisco

Google Stadia will be available later this year in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and several European countries (not specified by Google). The company also didn’t release pricing information. Hence, we can only suppose it might be a monthly subscription service such as Netflix.

Is Stadia the future of gaming?

While this platform is truly promising and will bring about a huge change in gaming practicality, some questions have yet to be answered.

One of the biggest concerns of gamers lies with internet requirements. As we know, not even Netflix works properly all the time even with a good internet connection. This leads us to question how well can the streaming of a game, something much heavier with real-time renders work through WiFi under the internet conditions we know today.

Google claimed that Stadia will free gamers of traditional consoles and pcs limitations, but we have yet to know if internet connection won’t be a limitation itself. In the end, do we really already have the necessary requirements for good quality cloud gaming in 2019?

Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on it in the comments section below!

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